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Who can benefit from hotdesking, and how?

Who can benefit from hotdesking, and how?

Work Anywhere Hub - who can hotdesk?


As lockdown lifts, more and more hospitality venues as well as hotels, cinemas and gyms are offering spaces for hotdeskers fed up with the toil, cost and stress of commuting. Huge multinationals like Unilever and Nationwide Building Society, have announced that staff are never going back to the office full-time, and research from Gartner has found that 80% of company leaders plan to permit remote work after pandemic.

Additionally, HR professionals are supportive of remote-work arrangements. More than half of HR respondents to a recent survey by social network Fishbowl said they would elect to continue working remotely permanently.

But how can remote workers and business source their hotdesks in a cost-efficient way?

Work Anywhere Hub is a free-to-use portal for remote workers to identify hotdesks at hospitality and leisure venues near them, removing the stress, cost and time of commuting and giving  a much-needed boost to their local economy. Hybrid and remote working have rocketed since the pandemic, but who can hotdesk and who can it benefit? Work Anywhere Hub CEO James Santi run through the benefits of hotdesking for everyone from freelancers to multinational businesses.


Working from home can feel isolated and lonely. Hotdesking allows social interaction when you choose, the opportunity to bounce ideas off other people, and those all important ‘water cooler’ moments to brainstorm new ideas. Walking to a local hotdesk cuts the cost of commuting but improves physical and mental health by getting you out and about.

Start-up companies

Flexibility is key when it comes to growing your team and your business – and hot-desking gives you the opportunity to employ remote workers without major upfront investment. Monthly, individual agreements allow you to move into key markets quickly and withdraw when necessary, while eliminating the risks associated with opening your own office.

Corporate giants

With workers spread out across the country the ability to attract the best staff to a position is highly restricted by geography. If workers are allowed to join from remote locations you get the pick of the bunch, the cream of the crop. Forget expensive overheads of building rent and insurance, identify hotdesk hubs in your chosen areas and arrange long-term contracts enabling employees to choose when and where they work, ensuring job satisfaction and personal wellbeing. Huge multinationals like Unilever, and more recently Nationwide Building Society, have announced that staff are never going back to the office full-time, and research from Gartner has found that 80% of company leaders plan to permit remote work after pandemic. With clients including Vodafone and Coca Cola searching our database the future of office working is changing – the future is remote.


Hotdesking brings people from different teams, companies and backgrounds together, creating a diverse co-working space. Hotdesking can be used for networking and forging relationships with professionals you may otherwise not have access to. A chat over a coffee with a branding expert could bring your vision to life, the operations director beside you could help organise the structure of your business, the student jobbing as a bartender and pouring your coffee could create the videos for your next marketing campaign.

Research has linked hotdesking to an increase in innovation and entrepreneurship. This comes, in part, from the flexibility afforded to hot desk users – they can work where and when inspiration strikes. It also occurs through knowledge-share, social interactions and the decentralisation of innovation processes in hot-desking environments. Discovering new ideas and processes happens naturally when you’re surrounded by a variety of expertise.

So all-in-all the conclusion is that remote work can benefit many different industries and work styles in many different ways. It can support our health and mental wellbeing by providing a relaxed work environment and removing the stresses associated with commuting. As a bonus, the hospitality and leisure industries can see a revival with an additional source of income.

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