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How To Find Your Perfect Hotdesk

How To Find Your Perfect Hotdesk


As lockdown begins to lift many workers will be looking to work closer to home rather than commute to an office every day. Remote workspaces are everywhere – from disused cinemas to cafes, bars and hotels. But what should one consider when seeking out a safe and reliable workspace post-COVID? James Santi, founder and CEO of Work Anywhere Hub offers advice.


Do your research

Is the venue recommended by other remote workers, do they have specific areas allocated or is it a first come-first served situation when it comes to finding a desk?


Check the connection

Is there Wi-Fi? Even with a dongle as a backup it’s always best to find somewhere with a good Wi-Fi to hook up to. Is the Wi-Fi free? Some locations promise Wi-Fi, but you have to pay extra to link to it on arrival. All WAH listings state what Wi-Fi options are available.


Hygiene standards

Now, more than ever, workers need to be assured that the environment they’re working in is clean, and that surfaces are sanitised regularly. Make sure you look for hygiene ratings from local authorities which should be clearly displayed. Also check how many restrooms are available and ask how often they are checked and cleaned.



Venues have a responsibility for the safety of their customers and will have regular checks undertaken by local authorities. However, don’t be afraid to ask what measures your chosen location is implementing to ensure workers are safe when using their facilities.



While venues may not yet be allowed to open to the public, many can be used as remote workspaces if they ensure COVID-safety. Check that desks are adequately spaced at least one, preferably two, metres apart. Are there sanitiser stations throughout? Do staff wear masks when walking around/preparing food? Do they have a Track & Trace system in place?



If you’re working somewhere all day, chances are you’ll need refuelling at some point. Many places offer free coffee refills as part of a daily charge for desks. Those with onsite kitchens often offer lunch as part of your hire package. Is there a vending machine, or a bespoke menu created for hot-desk users? Venues want to attract you and keep you in their spaces, so if nothing is on offer, see if you can strike up a deal!


Booking costs

It is down to the individual venue to fix a rate for desk hire. Work Anywhere Hub takes no commission from venues, nor do we charge you for using our space-seeking service. Bookings are made directly with the venue so do ensure that any deposit is registered.



Some people work best with a bit of background music and the opportunity for an occasional chat, others prefer solitude and silence. Choose the venue that best suits your work style. Read through the profile and establish whether the venue has private spaces, separate rooms, or isolated desks for hire if that is what you require. All venues have to register contact numbers and emails so it’s easy to check if the space you are booking is suited to you.

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