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“A useful way of filling tables during off-peak hours”

Following the last lockdown we received many requests from regular customers to be able to use our tables as hotdesks rather than them having to commute into London for work. We began to offer pay-per-day tables, so the Work Anywhere Hub model has created a perfect platform for us to promote this developing side of our business. We are always fully booked at peak times, but by allocating an area to hotdeskers during off-peak times we’re able to capitalise on a new stream of revenue. I’d recommend Work Anywhere Hub to any restaurant wanting to fill empty tables at off-peak times. Listing Nonna rosa was quick and easy, and I love that I have full control over my listing through the personalised dashboard. It’s also a great benefit that all reviews are moderated before publishing, and anything negative is communicated to us and checked for validity, unlike most other restaurant review platforms!

Caroline – Manager of Nonna rosa Italian restaurant